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Zenith Motor Company

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Elevating the Automotive Brand Experience

Background: Zenith Motor Company, a reputable car dealership, approached us with a desire to refresh their brand and overall customer experience. While they were already known for their quality vehicles and outstanding service, they sought a brand transformation that would elevate their image and better reflect their commitment to providing top-notch automobiles.


  1. Refreshing the brand to make it more appealing, modern, and customer-centric.
  2. Creating a new logo that could symbolize trust, quality, and a premium experience.
  3. Developing branding elements that would convey Zenith Motor Company’s commitment to exceptional service.

Our Approach:
Our approach to this project focused on modernizing the brand and enhancing the customer experience:

  1. Logo Redesign: The Emblem of Trust and Quality: We recognized the significance of the logo in conveying trust and quality. The new logo combined sleek, modern design elements with classic aesthetics. It symbolized Zenith Motor Company’s commitment to offering quality vehicles and a premium car-buying experience.
  2. Brand Identity: Modern and Customer-Centric: We developed a brand identity that positioned Zenith as a customer-centric dealership. The visual identity incorporated contemporary design elements, a refined color palette, and an emphasis on customer service.

The rebranding of Zenith Motor Company led to significant outcomes:

  • Brand Modernization: The new logo and brand identity successfully modernized Zenith’s image, making it more appealing to a contemporary audience.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Zenith Motor Company’s renewed focus on customer service was effectively conveyed through the rebranding, enhancing the overall experience for their customers.
  • Market Positioning: The rebranding positioned Zenith as a car dealership that not only offered quality vehicles but also prioritized customer satisfaction and a modern car-buying experience.

Zenith Motor Company’s brand transformation was a testament to the power of design and branding in conveying an organization’s values and mission. By crafting a logo and brand identity that epitomized trust, quality, and a customer-centric approach, Zenith successfully repositioned itself as a modern, customer-focused car dealership.