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Streamlining the Brand, Website, and Creative Collateral

Total Jobs, a leading job board and career resource platform, embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative. They recognized the need to align their entire brand collateral with their new identity, ensuring consistency, and enhancing their visual presence. Additionally, they sought to revamp their recruiter-facing website, enhance the user experience (UX/UI), and develop a design system to centralize and standardize their creative assets. Further, they required a suite of 250 product images to effectively showcase their extensive range of services. In addition to these services, we also took on the responsibility of creating their marketing collateral for campaigns, both static and video.


  1. Aligning existing brand collateral with a fresh rebrand.
  2. Designing and developing a recruiter-facing website with improved UX/UI.
  3. Developing a cohesive design system to streamline creative material and tools.
  4. Creating 250 product images to effectively showcase their diverse product and service offerings.
  5. Designing marketing collateral for campaigns, including static and video content.

Our Approach:
Our approach to this project revolved around unifying Total Jobs’ brand, creating a user-friendly website, developing a design system, and producing product images that showcased their offerings effectively. We also took on the responsibility of designing marketing collateral for campaigns, encompassing both static and video content:

  1. Rebrand Alignment: We meticulously reviewed existing brand collateral and adapted it to seamlessly align with Total Jobs’ new brand identity, ensuring that all brand assets, from logos to marketing materials, maintained a consistent and modern appearance.
  2. Recruiter-Facing Website: We revamped the recruiter-facing website, focusing on enhancing the user experience (UX/UI). We improved navigation, streamlined content, and optimized functionality, ensuring a smooth experience for recruiters.
  3. Design System Development: To centralize and standardize creative assets, we created a comprehensive design system. This system encompassed guidelines for logos, typography, color schemes, imagery, and other essential design elements. It streamlined the creation of future marketing materials and maintained brand consistency.
  4. Product Images: We designed 250 product images that effectively showcased Total Jobs’ extensive range of services. These images were not only visually appealing but also aligned with the new brand, contributing to a cohesive and professional look.
  5. Marketing Collateral: We undertook the responsibility of designing marketing collateral for Total Jobs’ campaigns. This included the creation of static materials, such as posters and banners, as well as video content to enhance their campaign strategies.

The project led to significant outcomes:

  • Consistent Branding: Total Jobs’ entire brand collateral, from digital to print materials, now adhered to the fresh rebrand, maintaining consistency and modernity.
  • Enhanced Website: The recruiter-facing website’s improved UX/UI contributed to a user-friendly and effective platform for their clients.
  • Design Efficiency: The design system streamlined the creation of marketing materials, ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints.
  • Effective Product Showcase: The 250 product images effectively conveyed Total Jobs’ diverse services, making it easier for users to understand and engage with their offerings.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Collateral: The marketing collateral, including both static and video content, bolstered Total Jobs’ campaign strategies, ensuring a compelling and consistent brand presence across various media.

Total Jobs’ journey to streamline their brand, website, and creative assets underscores the importance of consistency and user experience in the digital era. By aligning their brand, enhancing their website, developing a design system, creating impactful product images, and producing comprehensive marketing collateral, they positioned themselves for continued success in the competitive job board and career resource industry.

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