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“Find Your Style” Email Marketing Campaign


Toni & Guy, an industry leader in the world of hairdressing and style, approached us with an exciting project. They were launching a new hair color range and wanted to find a compelling way to showcase all 40 vibrant colors in a single email. The “Find Your Style” email marketing campaign was not only about promoting the new line but also engaging and connecting with their audience on a personal level.


  1. Creating a visually appealing and brand-consistent design to display 40 different hair dye colors in a single email.
  2. Ensuring the emails were mobile-responsive for a seamless user experience.
  3. Encouraging recipients to explore the entire range of hair colors.
  4. Providing information about the hair color range in an engaging and informative way.

Our Approach:

To address Toni & Guy’s unique challenge, we took a strategic and creative approach:

  1. Transitioning Header Image: We introduced a transitioning header image that showcased all 40 hair dye colors in a dynamic and captivating way. This header image not only served as a visual teaser but also as a navigational tool, allowing recipients to click on their preferred color and dive deeper into product details.
  2. Design Excellence: We created visually stunning email templates that reflected Toni & Guy’s brand identity. The design was vibrant, stylish, and aligned with the brand’s image of elegance and fashion-forward thinking.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the importance of mobile engagement, we ensured that the email designs were fully responsive. This guaranteed that recipients could access and interact with the content seamlessly on any device, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. Engaging Content: To entice subscribers to explore the full hair color range, we used compelling imagery and concise, informative content. Each email was designed to draw readers in with a captivating message and prompt them to take action.
  5. Personalization: Understanding the value of personalization in email marketing, we incorporated the recipient’s name and tailored content based on their previous interactions with the brand.


The “Find Your Style” email marketing campaign for Toni & Guy yielded exceptional results:

  • Increased Engagement: Open rates and click-through rates significantly exceeded industry benchmarks, reflecting the appeal and effectiveness of our designs and content.
  • Heightened Brand Awareness: The campaign generated a buzz around Toni & Guy’s new hair color range, boosting brand recognition and creating excitement.
  • Conversion Uplift: The campaign resulted in a notable increase in product inquiries and, ultimately, sales.
  • Positive Audience Feedback: The campaign garnered positive feedback from Toni & Guy’s audience, with many expressing enthusiasm about the new hair color range.


Our partnership with Toni & Guy on the “Find Your Style” email marketing campaign exemplified the power of creative design, mobile responsiveness, engaging content, personalization, and innovative solutions. The introduction of the transitioning header image allowed for the elegant display of 40 hair dye colors, captivating the audience and driving them to explore further. We were then designated to continue and design other email campaigns going forward.

This campaign not only elevated brand awareness but also resulted in a substantial boost in customer engagement and product sales. It demonstrated the potential of a well-executed email marketing strategy in achieving brand goals.

At Bamboo Creative, we are committed to helping brands like Toni & Guy find innovative and visually captivating ways to connect with their audience. If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s email marketing campaigns, we’d be delighted to assist you in achieving your objectives. Contact us today to embark on a creative journey tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

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