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Building Confidence through Brand Transformation


Secret Curves, a provider of authentic Colombian fajas, had a mission deeply rooted in boosting self-confidence. They approached us with a desire for a brand transformation that would embody their commitment to helping consumers face the future with confidence. This comprehensive project included a new logo design, brand guidelines, art direction, a product photoshoot, and the creation of their website.


  1. Creating a brand that encapsulated the essence of building self-confidence and trust.
  2. Designing a logo that conveyed trustworthiness and expertise in the fajas industry.
  3. Developing brand guidelines that would serve as a roadmap for a consistent and compelling brand identity.
  4. Directing a product photoshoot to showcase their authentic Colombian fajas and their heritage.
  5. Building a website that reflected their expertise, quality, and commitment to consumer confidence.

Our Approach: We approached this project with Secret Curves’ core values and mission as our guiding principles:

  1. Logo Design: The Embodiment of Trust: We understood the importance of the logo for Secret Curves. The logo featured an icon called “Confidere,” which symbolized trust, confiding, and entrusting. It was a visual representation of their mission to build confidence. This icon was seamlessly integrated into the logo, highlighting their commitment to providing the best solutions for consumers. The primary brand colors were used to create a default logo format.
  2. Brand Guidelines: A Roadmap for Consistency: We developed brand guidelines that ensured consistency in all brand elements, from logo usage to typography and color schemes. These guidelines served as a roadmap for maintaining a strong and cohesive brand identity.
  3. Art Direction and Product Photoshoot: The product photoshoot was an opportunity to showcase Secret Curves’ authentic Colombian fajas and their heritage. Our art direction aimed to highlight the quality, authenticity, and the trust consumers could place in the brand.
  4. Website Creation: Secret Curves’ website was more than an online presence; it was a reflection of their brand’s core values. It featured a user-friendly design, clear navigation, and compelling visuals. The site effectively communicated their expertise in the fajas industry and their commitment to building confidence in consumers.

Results: The brand transformation of Secret Curves led to significant outcomes:

  • Trust and Confidence: The new logo and brand guidelines conveyed trustworthiness and consistency, in line with Secret Curves’ mission to boost self-confidence.
  • Strong Heritage: The product photoshoot and art direction effectively showcased the authenticity and heritage of their Colombian fajas.
  • Engaged Audience: The website successfully engaged visitors, highlighting Secret Curves’ expertise and quality, and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to consumer confidence.

Conclusion: Secret Curves’ brand transformation was a testament to the power of design and branding in conveying an organization’s values and mission. By crafting a logo that encapsulated their mission, establishing brand guidelines for consistency, directing a product photoshoot to showcase their heritage, and building a website that reflected their expertise, we successfully transformed their brand identity.

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