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O2’s Email Marketing – Design, Code, and Platform Optimisation

O2, a leading telecommunications provider, sought to enhance their email marketing campaigns to engage their customers effectively and ensure a seamless experience across all platforms and devices. They approached us to design, code, and rigorously test their email newsletters, guaranteeing they rendered flawlessly on every platform. Our design process was executed using Sketch, while development utilized Visual Code to meet O2’s high standards of email campaign performance.


  1. Designing email campaigns that align with O2’s brand and capture the attention of their diverse customer base.
  2. Ensuring that the email newsletters are coded correctly for flawless rendering across various email clients and devices.
  3. Rigorous testing to identify and address rendering issues and ensure a consistent experience for all recipients.
  4. Meeting O2’s high standards for email campaign quality and performance.

Our Approach:
Our approach to this project involved a meticulous design and coding process, complemented by extensive testing to ensure the email newsletters met O2’s standards:

  1. Email Campaign Design: Our team used Sketch to design email campaigns that seamlessly blended with O2’s brand, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging experience for recipients. We took into account O2’s brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and recognizable look.
  2. Email Coding and Development: Visual Code was employed for email coding and development, with an emphasis on creating responsive and adaptive email templates that could adapt to various screen sizes and email clients. This coding approach allowed us to deliver email newsletters that displayed consistently and perfectly.
  3. Testing for Perfection: We used Email on Acid for comprehensive testing, meticulously evaluating how each email rendered across diverse platforms and devices. Any issues discovered during testing were promptly addressed, guaranteeing a flawless email experience for all recipients.

The email design, coding, and testing efforts led to significant outcomes:

  • Consistency and Reliability: O2’s email newsletters now consistently rendered without issues across different email clients and devices.
  • Engagement and Customer Satisfaction: The visually appealing design and flawless rendering contributed to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Brand Consistency: The email campaigns perfectly matched O2’s brand guidelines, reinforcing brand consistency and recognition.

The case of O2’s email marketing transformation showcases the critical role of design, coding, and thorough testing in ensuring email campaigns are effective and reliable. Through meticulous design, coding, and comprehensive testing, we ensured that O2’s email newsletters met the highest standards of quality and performance.