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Graceway Capital

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Shaping a Sustainable Investment Brand

Background: Graceway Capital, a forward-thinking capital investment firm specializing in eco-friendly businesses, sought a brand transformation to mirror their commitment to sustainable investments. They had faced difficulty in finding an agency that could encapsulate their values and vision in a logo. After an extensive search, they approached us to rebrand their entire identity, from logo design and brand guidelines to marketing collateral, pitch decks, and a website.


  1. Creating a logo that resonated with Graceway Capital’s core values and mission.
  2. Crafting a brand palette that exuded sustainability and trustworthiness.
  3. Developing marketing collateral and pitch decks that showcased their unique value proposition.
  4. Designing a website that portrayed their global reach, commitment to sustainability, and focus on innovation.

Our Approach:

Our approach was rooted in Graceway Capital’s values and aspirations:

  1. Logo Design: The Heart of the Brand Transformation: We understood the significance of the logo for Graceway Capital. Our team worked closely with their stakeholders to create a logo that was more than just an emblem; it was a visual representation of their mission. The logo featured a lightbulb, symbolizing their commitment to investing in bright ideas and innovative solutions. Within the lightbulb, the earth signified their global reach and interconnectedness, while the leaf represented their dedication to sustainability. Geometric elements were introduced to underscore their tech-savvy, innovative approach.
  2. Brand Palette: Evergreen Sustainability: Our brand palette revolved around the color evergreen as the primary hue, aligning with Graceway Capital’s commitment to sustainability. Complemented by earthy tones, it showcased their dedication to ethical and eco-friendly investments.
  3. Marketing Collateral and Pitch Decks: Every piece of marketing collateral and pitch deck was meticulously designed to highlight Graceway Capital’s unique value proposition. Visuals and content were carefully curated to engage potential investors and convey trust and sustainability.
  4. Website Development: Graceway Capital’s website was not just an online presence but a reflection of their brand’s core values. It featured a user-friendly layout, clear navigation, and dynamic visuals. The site effectively communicated their global reach, sustainable focus, and technological innovation.

Results: The rebranding of Graceway Capital led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Brand Alignment: The new logo, brand palette, and marketing collateral resonated perfectly with Graceway Capital’s values, reflecting their commitment to eco-friendly investments and global reach.
  • Engaged Audience: Potential investors were drawn to the brand’s sustainable ethos, evident in the logo and brand palette, and the innovative spirit portrayed in the geometric elements.
  • Trust and Sustainability: The rebrand instilled trust and conveyed Graceway Capital’s dedication to sustainability and global impact.


Graceway Capital’s rebranding journey was a testament to the power of design and branding in conveying an organization’s values and mission. By crafting a logo that encapsulated their core values, a brand palette that spoke of sustainability, and a website that showcased their global reach and innovation, we successfully transformed their brand identity.