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Experian’s Email Marketing Excellence – Design, Development, and Rigorous Testing

Experian, a global information services company, recognized the vital role of email marketing in reaching and engaging their diverse audience. They sought to enhance their email campaigns to ensure they not only conveyed their data and analytics expertise but also delivered a seamless and visually appealing experience to their recipients. Experian engaged us to design, develop, and meticulously test their email communications.


  1. Designing email campaigns that effectively communicated Experian’s Credit Masterclass campaign.
  2. Ensuring the email newsletters were coded for compatibility across various email clients and devices.
  3. Rigorously testing to identify and address rendering issues, optimizing email performance.

Our Approach:
Our approach to this project involved a comprehensive design, development, and testing process to meet Experian’s high standards:

  1. Email Campaign Design: We worked closely with Experian to design email campaigns that not only reflected their brand but also effectively communicated their Credit score improvement Masterclass campaign expertise. We incorporated their brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and recognition.
  2. Email Coding and Development: The email templates were meticulously coded and developed to be responsive and adaptive, guaranteeing consistent rendering across various devices and email clients.
  3. Testing for Flawlessness: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that every email newsletter rendered without issues on different email clients and devices. Any rendering issues discovered during testing were promptly addressed.

The email design, coding, and testing efforts led to significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Experian’s email campaigns now engaged recipients effectively, conveying their data and analytics expertise.
  • Reliable Email Performance: The emails consistently rendered without issues across various platforms, ensuring reliability and an optimal recipient experience.
  • Brand Consistency: The email campaigns perfectly matched Experian’s brand guidelines, contributing to brand consistency and recognition.

Experian’s commitment to email marketing excellence, combined with a meticulous design, development, and testing process, underscores the importance of delivering reliable and engaging email communications. By optimizing their email campaigns, Experian successfully enhanced their digital messaging and reached their diverse audience effectively.