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Case Study: Bamboo Studio’s Work for Better Cars

Client Background: Better Cars, a car finance dealership, approached Bamboo Studio seeking assistance with logo design, branding, and naming.

Client’s Objectives:

  1. Develop a distinctive and memorable logo.
  2. Create a brand identity that reflects trustworthiness and professionalism.
  3. Assist in finding a suitable and appealing name for the dealership.

Bamboo Studio’s Approach:

  1. Logo Design:
    • Avoiding overly intricate designs, Bamboo Studio focused on simplicity and clarity.
    • Incorporated elements reflecting the automotive industry, ensuring the logo communicates the core business effectively.
    • Utilized a clean and modern color palette to enhance visibility and appeal.
  2. Branding:
    • Prioritized a clean and consistent visual language across all branding materials.
    • Emphasized the dealership’s commitment to quality and reliability through carefully chosen fonts and colors.
    • Created a brand style guide to ensure consistency in future applications.
  3. Naming:
    • Collaborated with the client to understand their values and target audience.
    • Proposed a set of names that aligned with the dealership’s mission and resonated with potential customers.
    • Assisted in finalizing a name that not only represented the business but also had a positive impact on the target market.


  1. Logo and Branding:
    • Better Cars now boasts a modern and recognizable logo that conveys trust and professionalism.
    • The cohesive branding has improved brand visibility and recognition in the market.
  2. Naming:
    • The chosen name resonates well with the target audience and aligns with the dealership’s values, contributing to a positive brand image.

Client Feedback: Better Cars expressed satisfaction with Bamboo Studio’s work, highlighting the success of the collaborative process in achieving their goals.

Conclusion: Bamboo Studio’s collaboration with Better Cars resulted in a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity, including a memorable logo and a fitting name, contributing to Better Cars’ success in the competitive car finance market.